Take your seat among visionary, high-integrity CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners across dozens of industries who meet to experience business breakthroughs and develop deep, meaningful relationships that will last for generations. 
Take your seat among high-integrity and highly successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders across dozens of industries flying in from around the globe to experience business breakthroughs and develop deep, meaningful relationships that will last for generations.
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Meeting of the Minds
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In partnership with the Bermuda Business Development Agency, we are uniting founders of companies collectively worth BILLIONS of dollars, CEOs of reputable small businesses, Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees, pioneers across diverse industries, New York Times bestselling authors, social media influencers with millions of followers, world-renowned creatives, Fortune 500 C-suite executives, and others who connect with one another around the world to solve pressing problems in their businesses and enjoy success together. 

Watch this video to learn more about our stunning backdrop for this summit, the Hamilton Princess Resort. 

 Learn more about Meeting of the Minds by watching this video!
With the help of diverse subject matter experts and successful entrepreneurs from dozens of industries, schools of thought, and corners of the globe, you'll walk away from this experience in Bermuda with the access and strategic insights needed to scale, as well as close friendships among our fascinating "Minds". 

Our sphere of influence includes individuals who have collectively started companies worth billions of dollars, positively influence hundreds of millions of people through their work, and want to see you succeed. Attending Meeting of the Minds provides you with unparalleled access to...
  • New York Times bestselling authors.
  •  CEOs of nine-figure businesses.
  •  Professional speakers earning $15K+ per keynote.
  •  Coaches for top Fortune 500 executives and household name business titans.
  •  Iconic copywriters and marketers.
  • Co-founders of startups with $100M+ in funding and near-billion dollar valuations.
  •  Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees.
  •  Current and former Fortune 500 C-suite execs.
  •  Social media influencers with millions of dedicated followers. 
  •  Futurists leading diverse, emerging industries. 
Watch the videos below to hear from some of the "Minds" that make up our 100+ Alumni Network.
Jason Van Orden
Serial Entrepreneur and  Strategist for Leading Thought Leaders
Lisa Wang
Hall of Fame Gymnast,
 Co-Founder and CEO of SheWorx
Sam Markowitz
President and CEO, 
Sam Markowitz Group
Jared Kleinert is a serial entrepreneur, TED speaker and award-winning author who has been named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”, a Champion for Humanity by the United Nations and a delegate to President Obama’s 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. 
He is the author of multiple books, including the "#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015", 
2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing The World, profiling seemingly superhuman young people who have founded companies collectively worth billions of dollars like WordPress, Duolingo, General Assembly, and others, as well as social media influencers with followings in the tens of millions, feature film producers, and leaders across diverse industries ranging from virtual reality to lunar settlement.  

As a highly-sought after keynote speaker and consultant, Jared’s clients range from organizations like Facebook, Samsung, and IBM to Cornell, Berkeley, AdAge, Ogilvy and the National Speakers Association. His insights on entrepreneurship and networking have been featured in major media such as Forbes, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Fox Business and more. As the founder of Meeting of the Minds, an invite-only mastermind group, Jared is committed to building the world’s top Millennial-led network of super-connectors and subject-matter experts.

John O’Connor,
Learn why Lewis Howes, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and others are using her proven “brand builder” frameworks to turn their reputation into revenue (and how you can do the same!). 
Improve your social media profiles, develop a dedicated following for your business, generate press coverage, create relationships with industry influencers, speak powerfully from stage, harbor confidence when recording videos to share with clients and prospects online, and more with Elyse’s advice. 

Save time and money immediately after attending the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit by applying Tim's incredibly practical insights on time management, hiring, delegation, developing efficient standard operating procedures, and more. 
If you're stuck working "in" your business as opposed to working "on" it, then Tim Francis will help you avoid burnout, take time off, travel, or work on other ventures all while your business becomes more profitable and requires less of your time to manage. Employees will appreciate how clear and organized your business becomes as a result of hearing from Tim. 
not only will you hear from (and work with) the people mentioned above, but you'll connect with a world-class network including hundreds of "Minds" who join us in-person and have joined our Alumni Network after our previous summits. Apply now to join us at our upcoming three-day experience, or nominate a friend that you think we should invite. 
Join us at the 5-star Hamilton Princess and leave this experience refreshed, reconnected, and ready to scale your business exponentially.

Our partners at the Hamilton Princess will not only provide us with everything we need for a successful retreat, but they will make space for us to relax as well, while we let all the great ideas from the summit soak in alongside the pool or during drinks at the private beach club. 

From morning yoga to cruising around the island, enjoying healthy and hearty cuisine, and enjoying VIP receptions with Goslings Rum, we will put our day-to-day work aside and THINK BIGGER about how we can improve, the many ways in which we can all partner up, and how we will leave Bermuda with a game plan for generating massive ROI from this experience.
We've planned a once-in-a-lifetime summit for entrepreneurs, leaders in business and government, industry titans and tastemakers, content creators, and influencers alike to come together for three days of carefully-designed collisions, moments, and takeaways. 

Curated Connections + Conversations
Access to other elite entrepreneurs invited into our community is the most valuable benefit we can offer. We spend our time scouting visionary, high-integrity individuals who are experts at their craft and thought leaders in their field so you can focus on meeting with and learning from them, rather than trying to face your competition without support from like-minded friends.
Problem-Solving + Hot Seats
With a "mindshare" like ours, one idea or shift in perspective will help you overcome any challenge your business is facing, and opportunities become easier to capitalize on so you can achieve exponential success in record time. The results of these connections are unparalleled access to the people, resources, and opportunities you need to innovate is invaluable ROI. 
Coaching + Collaboration
Before the summit, you'll have a one-hour "Onboarding Session" with one of our long-standing members, and after Meeting of the Minds, we will provide you with one-on-one executive coaching to help you maximize the value of this collaborative Meeting of the Minds.  You'll walk away with deep, meaningful connections with everyone in the room, and a shared kinship with our global 100+ person Alumni Network. 
Keynotes + In-Depth Q&A 
While our events don't center around speakers necessarily, we've invited some incredible keynote speakers (like Beth Comstock, former CMO of GE pictured above) to join us as subject matter experts that can help us achieve exponential success in record time. "Minds Style" Q&A afterwards help us apply the practical takeaways from each session and allow fellow members to chime in with helpful ideas.
Experience + Engagement
Unforgettable, unique shared experiences (like rappelling off the side of a mountain, private wine tastings, cruising around an island, participating in improv comedy, impromptu dance classes with a former So You Think You Can Dance judge, etc) strengthen our community and allow you to quickly deepen your newfound friendships, all while getting an escape from the day-to-day grind. We're planning some epic moments during Meeting of the Minds that you DON'T want to miss! 
Ongoing Interactions
Before Meeting of the Minds, we will connect you with fellow attendees so you have a few friends before our summit begins. We cater each summit to our unique audience by thinking through how we facilitate each session and how to best foster interactions and collisions among our "Minds". After this experience, we will add you to our growing Alumni Network and follow up to hold you accountable through complementary executive coaching, email introductions to others, and more.
What is it worth to you and your business if you: 
  • ​unlocked new marketing strategies and channels for business growth,
  •  improved your company's standard operating procedures and your abilities to delegate (saving you time!),
  •  learned and implemented the "mindsets" needed to scale your business and level-up as an entrepreneur, 
  •  established new partnerships and referral sources that give you exponential ROI,
  •  strategized how to scale your company and received the resources and advice needed to execute,
  •  created a strong personal brand and unleashed a positive PR campaign, wrote a book, or gave a TED talks, 
  •  joined this community of entrepreneurs and experts who "have your back" and won't let you fail?
How much revenue would you add to the bottom line of your business?

How much more profitable could your company be, and how much easier would it be to operate so you can live your ideal lifestyle and focus on new projects at the same time?

Chances'll need other people who have "been there" and "done that" to sit down with you and share their experiences, connections, and resources with you so you can achieve your goals more quickly. 


The quality of your life is a direct result of the people you associate with and learn from. 

Our "Minds" can help you scale your business, problem-solve when obstacles are in your way (or when opportunity presents itself to you!), and celebrate success with you when things go well. 

If you agree with us, then only one final question remains...

Why haven't you registered yet to receive your private invitation to Meeting of the Minds!? ;) 

Thanks, and see you in Bermuda!  
"...if I wanted to learn what I learned at this mastermind this week in some other way, it would take me days, weeks, months, years..."
"When you're in a group of high performers, of people who are really excelling in their careers, you're going to learn a drastic amount of information in a short amount of time. So if I wanted to learn what I learned at this mastermind this week in some other way, it would take me days, weeks, months, years... it would take me so long but the fact that everyone here has done research separately and shares on something that they have intimate and expert knowledge in, that's something that is priceless."
Kate Gremillion
Co-Founder of Mavenly, and Co-Host of Top-Rated Podcast Women, Work, and Worth
"What has been wonderful is meeting people... willing to share the knowledge they have or the experiences they had in a very open forum."
"What has been wonderful is meeting people unexpected, people I have never met before, who are doing interesting things, willing to talk about it and willing to share the knowledge they have or the experiences they had in a very open forum. So I think jared did a great job in bringing people together and then setting up scenarios so they can share with each other." 
Jeff Madoff
Professor, Director, Producer, and Serial Entrepreneur
"I appreciate the combination of high-level, conceptual, 'get inspired from this' and then the very tactical 'best practices'..."
"I appreciate the combination of high-level, conceptual, 'get inspired from this' and then the very tactical 'best practices' like email templates, very granular, to actually help people to take an action tomorrow."
Kaylin Marcotte
1st Employee of theSkimm and Founder of Village Strategies
"One concrete thing is that I came away with a client that signed up for multiple thousands of dollars in my services...but just as much, or even more important was the quality of contacts...has been a great benefit."
"If you're considering whether it's worth the investment of time and money in being there...I know that if you put yourself in that room that you will absolutely walk away with breakthroughs, inspiration, opportunities, and connections that are guaranteed to take whatever your pursuit is to that next level."
Jason Van Orden
Serial Entrepreneur and Personal Brand Strategist for Top Thought Leaders
There's no risk in applying. Tickets are limited, and only a dozen or so seats remain. Here’s what you get when you attend Meeting of the Minds...
  • ​Attendee-Led Experience Full Of Innovation-Inspiring Facilitations
  •  Practical (i.e. no “celebrity” or “salesy”) Content From Invited Keynote Speakers 
  •  Curated Connections To Fellow Attendees Before The Summit Begins
  •  Onboarding Session With One Of Our Members So You Can Maximize Your Experience With Us
  •  Post-Summit Call With A Vetted Executive Coach From Our Network
  •  Facilitated Follow-Ups So You Can Capitalize On Post-Summit Opportunities
  •  Access To Our Alumni Network After You Attend One Of Our Summits
  •  Unforgettable Fun (Past summits have included everything from private wine tours and tastings to rappelling off a mountain, improv comedy, surprise magic shows, dance lessons from a So You Think You Can Dance judge, painting alongside in-demand artists, guided meditations, group hikes, etc.)
  •  All Backed By Our “More Than Money Back” Guarantee! 
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